Australian tv series or movie; mid to late 80's

Scene I remember - it was dark and a woman/girl leaving a canvas walled tent to say the occupant (mother?) had died/was gravely ill. Later it was determined that she had died from eating green potatoes.

This must have been on tv in the mid to late 80's. I was too young in the 70's/ early 80's (and the tv was B&W), and busy with my kids in the 90's.

It was set in the early pioneering days of Australia (1788 to 1800ish)

It most defintely isn't Against the Wind. I was far too young to have watched that when it was first released. I *do* remember watching a flogging scene on the ship, but this almost has to be a rerun after 1983 - coz I watched it at dad's and mum only let us stay with him when my baby sister was 3..and that was 1983. The potato scene was watched on *mums* tv.

I have always 'remembered' Carol Drinkwater was in it. I thought she was a teacher.

Now it get interesting.  Carol Drinkwater was in a LOT of tv shows on Autralian TV then - All Creatures Great and Small, Captain James Cook, Golden Pennies, The Haunted school.

Google/IMDB give me in the idea that the show isn't Captain James Cook (that appears to be mostly on board a ship)
It certainly isn't All Creature Great and Small - I did watch this.
The Haunted School looks right if I watch snippets on YouTube. The premise is wrong, even though she did portray a teacher.
Golden Pennies (from YouTube snippets looks too 'bushy' and doesn't seem to focus on the right things (memory seems more 'female' oriented)

So, I'm thinking I just saw a LOT of Carol Drinkwater on tv at the same time.

Another option, without Carol Drinkwater, is the mini series Sara Dane.

Now that you're all horribly confused, does any one have an idea of what show I'm remembering? For 30 years 'eating green potatoes means death' has stuck with me.

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British movie, NOT Bedknobs and Broomsticks

So my roommate, who is not on LJ, needs help remembering a movie. We don't know how to Google it. Here is the description:

British movie 1980's to 90's. Color.
It is about 2( 1?) boys some maybe kidnappers, the occult, a creepy 1940's black vintage flying car that has metal wings that pop out. It is like a rolls royce style car. takes place in England. There is a running and hiding scene in the English country side.
There is a metal bed that also flys or time travels/ teleports
there I think is a room with a masnoic (her misspelling, probably "masonic") occult looking stone at one point. Some of the adults have magic ?
It was a very dull rainy shot movie. (as in "shot darkly / shot in dark lighting")
At one point the magic bed is in the woods.
At the begining the boy or boys are kidnapped. by a man in a 3 piece suit and bowler hat and a creepy lady in black clothes.

I could be mixing up/ combining a few movies? not sure
This was on cable TV in Virginia in the late 80's - early 90s. like 86-93 ish? Possibly on Showtime or PBS?


Despite the reference to a flying bed, she insists it's not Bedknobs and Broomsticks, that it wasn't a Disney movie but a British movie.

Anyone have any idea?
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80s/90s for Children

I have no idea what this was, but it has been bugging me lately and is one of the few things from my childhood I can not identify.

I'm pretty sure this was short, probably aired on TV and recorded (but could have been rented).

It featured a young man. He started out in the kitchen, but the kitchen gradually turned into a jungle. Could still see like the refrigerator, but it was covered in vines. He sang to various animals, who were puppets, like monkeys and birds.

I think the guy wore a safari outfit - tan colored with a hat.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I was born in 1982, and probably watched it late 80s to early 90s, but don't know if it was a reair or not.

TV show or movie...

Hi all,
I read a plot for either a movie or a TV show and I am hoping someone can help me find out what it is...

From what I can remember - A big firm hires a lawyer to represent a client who they have set up and want found guilty but as they lawyer goes along she/he is thinking the client isn't guilty and wants to help the client.

Can't remember much else.

Thanks heaps in advance for any help.
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A 90s thing about a witch

Hi all, I'm currently trying to find what I think was a made-for-tv movie for young adults from the early 90s.
All I can remember is it was set in an English town on the coast. The young girl protagonist was a bit of a loner (I think she was bullied) and she was fascinated by a stone statue which was said to have been the statue of a local woman who was a known witch.

Not much to go on I know, but I think it aired on the children's channel Nickelodeon in the 90s.
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Film with a woman used as cast with molten metal poured while she's still inside the mold!

The film I am looking for is about a sculptor that kidnaps women and uses them as base for his sculture but he locks them up inside the mold before pouring molten metal in it with the woman still inside (!). The scene at the beginning is a shot of a woman's eye, closed at first and then suddenly opening, peering out of the pouring hole. Then you see the melting pot come and pour the liquid metal in the mould. Then, the opening credits start with bronze statues of women standing along the text... The film is quite old maybe 50s or 60s? I didn't watch it back then and only saw the beginning so I don't know how the story goes, I only remember a few scenes at the beginning. I would gratefully receive your suggestions and any pointer as to what the title is.
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Jurassic Park?

Okay, this is strange. I loved the JP movies when I was a kid, and I am working on rewatching them all. Watched the original, then Lost World, and am currently watching JP3...but there is a scene that both my Mom and I remember that we haven't come across yet (unless it is somehow at the end of JP3).

But I thought the film started out with the Dinosaur eggs hatching, and the baby dinos are kept around and raised by a family, or the lab people or...something?

Do I have my movies mixed up? Not that I gave you guys much to go on lol.
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Documentary style movie with geeks arguing vigorously

from what i remember it was a whole bunch of geeks or scifi fans sitting around a large round/oval table arguing about scifi, specifically about Star Wars and the Star Wars legacy. Made after the prequels at a point where the first 6 films exist.

i remember the arguments getting more and more heated as the movie wore on.
Noone was in costume, just regular clothes.

can anyone remember what this is?

thanks in advance


I have tried for over a decade to identify this movie with no luck. I don't know anything significant like actors or such i only recall a few scenes since i didn't see it in full length.

There was a male and female lead and first i saw they were at some fancy get together like a dinner party, very first class.

Next came a sex scene, nothing special.

Then another get together nearly identical to the first but the woman got upset with the man and made a scene by telling at him and last thing i remember was they were taking a subway train together and she apologized to him. I wanted to go back and give this film proper attention. I know it's practically nothing too go on but i would appreciate all help. Even if i get 50+ suggestions i will tenaciously check each one.
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Found a movie here but now it's gone?

Someone else originally asked for this, and I saved their post so I could look it up myself, but now the post has been deleted and I can't remember what it was called?

It was something about a "live" news broadcast about something, might have been something space related (meteor/asteroid/?) and it ran like a news session and then it stopped like some disaster had happened?

I really want to know what it was *headdesk*

Any suggestions are welcome?

SOLVED! It was Without Warning.